Can I host a screening using my DVD / Blu-ray?
In order to host a screening of the film, you must be granted a license. More information, as well as the application form, can be found by clicking here.

Why isn't the film playing in my city?
Giant Screen films (i.e. IMAX documentaries) typically open in different cities at different times based on several factors. Unlike Hollywood films that open "wide", often on the same date nationally or internationally, it's ultimately up to each individual theatre to book these types of Giant Screen films into their schedule. Living in the Age of Airplanes will continue to roll out in more cities around the world throughout 2016. We update our Find a Theatre page frequently — as soon as theatres are added.

How can I help get the film to play near me?
First, reach out to your nearest museum or science center that has a giant, digital or IMAX cinema and let them know you would like to see this film. Encourage others (family, friends, groups, organizations) to do the same. The more demand there is for the film, the more likely it is that a theater will decide to book it. Click here and then enter your location to find the theatre closest to you that is equipped to play the film — and then reach out! Please ask them to contact Antonietta Monteleone at National Geographic:

Why isn't the film playing in more major cities?
A film like this needs to fit into the theatre schedules alongside other giant screen films. It's not common for these types of films to open in all cities on the same day — they roll out over time (like a concert tour, though the film can be in several cities at a time and play hundreds of times over many months in each city). Rest assured, we too are looking forward to it coming to your city in due time!

Will it open in countries outside North America?
Yes! While the initial roll out has been primarily in the U.S. and Canada, it is now playing in London and New Zealand and there are arrangements in the works to release in other international cities. Check the Find a Theatre section of the website frequently for updates.


What's the film about?
It's a film about how the airplane has changed the world. It puts into perspective the countless unseen ways that aviation has changed our lives — even on days that we don't fly.

How long did the film take to make?
From the initial development to the final cut, it took just over 6 years.

Can I buy a poster?
Yes! They are now available on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

When did Harrison Ford record the narration?
Harrison recorded the film's narration in the Spring of 2014.